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Bridal Party

I'm honored to have these 6 amazing women stand up with me on my wedding day. Love you guys!

<3, Micquie

Maid of Honor

Caitlin Dissinger


Caitlin and Micquie met in 1992 during 1st grade at St. Leonard Elementary. They played sports, did yearbook, and finally graduated 8th grade together with the Class of the Millennium. Caitlin and Micquie both love the theater; Caitlin on the stage and Micquie in the audience! Caitlin lives in San Ramon, CA, and throws a mean 80's-themed party (pictured, left).

Maid of Honor

Katy Rogan


​Katy and Micquie met in 2000 during their freshman year at Moreau Catholic High School. Micquie specifically remembers Katy winning an "Iron Woman" award in P.E. and thinking Katy was totally rad. In college, Micquie always spent part of her winter holiday visiting Katy abroad in Ireland and Spain! Now Katy lives the fabulous life in San Francisco, CA.



Miranda Bradford


Miranda and Micquie met in 1986, shortly after Micquie's birth. Micquie and Miranda both love baking, especially cookies. Miranda particularly enjoys using different flavors of baking chips in her cookies and trying new recipes. Micquie is Mandy's supplier of new Cook's Illustrated magazines and cookbooks!

Miranda, also known as Mandy, lives in Aiea, HI with her husband, Jeff, and daughter, Aurora.


Julianna Bradford

Julianna and Micquie met in 1987, shortly after Julianna's birth. Micquie and Julianna both love animals and are especially fond of the movie "Babe". Speaking of movies, Julianna and Micquie agree that this is one of the best movie scenes ever. 

​Julianna, also known as Anna or Jules, lives in Hayward, CA with her husband, Mallory, and their cat, Annie.



Ashley Hodges Granger


Ashley and Micquie met in 2009, about a month after Rhian and Micquie started dating. After meeting Micquie, Ashley told Rhian, "You better not screw this up!" Sister knows best! Ashley is very passionate about music, animals, the Olympics, and SHARK WEEK.

Ashley lives in Centerville, MA (down the Cape), with her husband, Mike, and their dog, Tahoe.


Selene Sizar

Selene and Micquie met in 1990, shortly after Selene's birth. Micquie was there for support when Selene got her ears pierced as a baby, and she was sorry to hear Selene cry. Micquie is counting on Selene to rock the dance floor as eggcellently as she did at Auntie Mag's wedding in 1992.

Selene lives in Honolulu, HI, while she studies Painting at University of Hawaii-Manoa. Micquie is very jealous of Miranda's cousin-proximity!

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