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Bill Brunick

Bill and Rhian met in the 7th grade when Bill created a pen rocket in History class. Now it's over 20 years later and the trouble they've gotten into has been legendary. From the time that he visited Rhian when he worked in Walt Disney World, to crazy New Years parties, adventures at Hampton Beach, and years of hanging out in Plymouth he is the one who knows where all the bodies are buried. He's also the one who helped bury most of them.

A guy couldn't have a better best man.

Jeff Peden

Rhian met Jeff on the first day of his second year of college (The "first time" through). They had wandered down to another floor of our building and ended up hanging out with some random people. Turns out that they were both South Shore kids who had quite a bit in common: mothers who worked at Cape Cod Hospital, very similar interests in books, an X-files obsession, being wicked stubborn, etc. He's also responsible for getting Rhian into his current career, as it was Jeff who convinced him to leave the glamorous world of bartending for the moonlight tan of the computer screen. He's always been there through thick and thin.

Steve Hart

What is there to say about Steve Hart? Well - for one thing he's always there when you need him, whether it's for helping move or just to joke around with. He happens to be an obnoxious Jets fan, but we try to let it go because at least he's also a die hard Sox fan (Connecticut people apparently have identity crises...). He loves his gadgets - having owned somewhere in the vicinity of 20+ cell phones over the last five years. He's the type of guy to buy Dom Perignon on a whim. Steve will no doubt be ready to "SUIT UP!" for Rhian's big day.

Frank Gregoire

Frank is without a doubt one of the most friendly and genuine people Rhian's ever known. Frank had been dating Rhian's mother for a few weeks when he met the rest of the family at Joel and Amy Boisvert's wedding. Shortly after that he came with Linda to watch one of the early spectacles that was Rhian singing in a cover band and that didn't scare him so that should say something. He's extremely generous, incredibly funny and a great stepfather all around. Rhian's very glad to have him standing beside him on this day

Mike Granger

Mike is Rhian's brother in law, and one time roommate with his sister. Mike is a great guy who Rhian couldn't say enough good things about, and he makes Ashley happy, which is the best thing Rhian could hope for. Mike has a great ability to make people feel welcome, and always has a lot to talk about as he has a ton of knowledge about music, beer, and sports (things Rhian has a little to say about too haha).

Mason Gregoire

Mason is Rhian's brother and friend. Like his father, Mason has an easy going attitude and a genuine desire to make people around him happy and comfortable. When Rhian first met him he was a shy quiet kid who barely ever spoke. It took a little while, but he definitely came out of his shell. Rhian's very happy he's gonna be there on this day.

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